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Issue description

First of all you got the message: We were unable to load Disqus Try out to review this official manual about origin of this message, and one possible explanation is below.

You're already installed your blog and registered yourself on Disqus. Next step is to integrate disqus message board into your blog. It's usually do by defining the shortname in your config.

NOTE shortname is not your disqus name, it is a name of particular message board associated with your site which you need to register on disqus.


In my case I've defined name of my first message board as 0– and it was trasformed into 0-key-github-io

Short name in many cases not matches your definition as you're typed during registration. In my case dashes and dots was replaced in a bit tricky manner.

0– >> 0-key-github-io

Take care of it.

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26 August 2016