Sometimes somewhere in Emacs your well-known function abruptly ceases working. It is absolutely trivial situation in the World of Free Software. It's complex and knotty realm, and you want to return to valid state. With no doubt it is possible to do by roll-back the average package.

Delete a bug's cause

First of all try to detect what is the cause of deny of service. In most cases it might occur after your manipulation with packages. Open the embedded package manager M-x package-list-pakages and take an attempt to determine the root of problem. Already installed packages are at the bottom of this list thus it would be prudently to review the newest ones M-> from the bottom up to the top of the list.

After than you find out the most matching candidate for downgrading - just mark it by typing d key. After that x should implement a particular package removal.

Restart Emacs

Suppose it should be easy by C-x C-c. Or feel free to try the next step without restarting. It might be necessary later, after an older candidate installation.

Find an appropriate solution

Look for matching replacement at Elpa site. Copy a necessary link to .tar archive.

Install it

Activate M-x url-handler-mode and M-x package-install-file and paste a link to the old .tar archive there. Enter should launch the installation process.

Test it up

Does bug really disappear?

Roll-back deeper in the past

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13 November 2016


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